Xaim, an undetected, easy to use Overwatch aimbot with lots of powerful features.

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Overwatch Xaim


  • Hack has never been detected.  Avoided all ban-waves.
  • Unique build for every user makes this the safest hack around.
  • Human-like aim avoids reports from players in game.  Looks completely legit in replays and play of the games.
  • Encrypted program with additional private protection


  • Powerful custom profiles will have you dominating your competition
  • Different modes to do exactly what you want.  Aim-assist, Powerful, and Rage modes.
  • Custom aim speeds and aim offsets for each profile, tuned for specific heroes
  • Randomized offsets aim just like a human would
  • Flick shot and heal bot newly added for additional strength


  • Smooth, human-like aim makes this hack safe to use in any game mode
  • Fully customizable settings to do exactly what you want
  • Never shakes in battles
  • One of the only Overwatch aimbots with no FPS drops
  • Supports all Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

Xaim Overwatch Demo

A powerful and secure aimbot for Overwatch.  Smooth, shakeless, no fps loss.

Start dominating your opponents today.

Flick shot and Heal bot


Flick shot works like a combined triggerbot and aimbot.  Customizable settings lets you choose how accurate you want it to be.  Heal bot targets friendly allies for you and shoots.

Some Widowmaker Sniping


Smoothest external bot you can find.

Snipe your targets with advanced screen scanning methods.

Our Blog

The latest Overwatch hacks news

10/20 Update for Windows 10 Falls Creator Update and minor fixes

Hi guys, Xaim here.  I’ve just released another update that fixes compatibility issues with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update as...

Small update for 10/3, minor bug fixes, fully working as of 10/3

Hi all, I’ve made some small updates to Xaim today to fix some minor bugs.  If your current version of...

Xaim working for Deathmatch mode patch!

Xaim is fully working as of the 8/29 Deathmatch patch.  Have fun guys.

Doomfist released!

Blizzard just released Doomfist today.  Xaim is 100% working with this patch still and no update is necessary.

Minor updates.. 7/18 Fully working

Hi guys, Xaim here. I just made a few minor updates to include some smoothing and also make sure the...

6/22 Updates

6/22 Updates

Xaim has been updated with a few small hotfixes for people who are having issues with it in the latest...

Xaim 2.8.0 updates, absolutely the best external aimbot for Overwatch

Hi guys, Xaim here. I’ve added a bunch of updates to the latest version of Xaim, including No HP bar...

Xaim Video Competition

Hi! We are trying to make a promo video, and we need your help. Current Xaim subscribers can share your...

Xaim 2.6 is now live! Huge update with new features

Hi everyone, Xaim here again. Xaim 2.6 is now live and undetected.  It also comes loaded with new features. I’ve...

Xaim 2.0 is now LIVE!

I am proud to announce that Xaim 2.0, the best Overwatch aimbot, is now live!  I have added a bunch...

Orisa now available in competitive!

Orisa has been officially activated for competitive play on all regions.  Be sure to pick up your copy of Xaim...

Orisa patch coming soon!

With the new Orisa patch coming to Overwatch soon, we are getting many questions about whether Xaim will still work....

Update on Xaim Overwatch aimbot features

We are constantly improving and making Xaim one of the best Overwatch hacks available in the world.  Here is a...

Xaim – the best Overwatch hacks!

We are now the best reviewed of all Overwatch hacks on the Ownedcore Overwatch hacks forum.  We’re happy to continue...

Grab your aimbot for Overwatch season 4!

Blizzard has announced that the Overwatch competitive season 4 will begin tomorrow, Feb. 28! Make sure you have grab Xaim,...

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What are people saying?

Reviews from our customers.
  • Vouch, legit. Working program, seems fine on training. Good job +1
  • Wow this is really smoth and no lag. best one so far.
  • Okay, that's just amazing tbh, been wanting to use it on my main for such a long time; I wanna become a tracer/76 main and this looks like the perfect thing to use.
  • amazing, very helpful best aimbot/aim assist ive ever used
  • Just bought the lifetime. Customer service alone is worth 100 dollars IMO. By far the easiest person I have ever dealt with from these forums. Will post a review of the cheat once he's done building it. UPDATE: Just tested out the cheat for a good hour in quick play and it is definitely the best non memory aimbot I've bought off these forums so far. Very smooth, no shake at all and highly customizable
  • This product off the charts! Such sweet cheat. Great guy and helps you out in every way! I\m very pleased with my purchase. Vouch for you!
  • Bought the aimbot as soon as it was available. This is the best non memory aimbot I've ever bought, even in comparison to memory hacks, there have been none that looked as legit as this one. Major props to this man for making such an amazing aimbot. Furthermore, the support is amazing too. He actually treats you as a friend, unlike a lot of other sellers who only see dollar bills. Recommended some features and he had them implemented a day later LOL. 11/10.
  • I bought this a few days ago through the website and have been using it a lot. I wanted to leave a nice review for one of the best aimbots I have used. Xaim is so good sometimes I forget I am cheating. Makes you look like you actually have skill in games lol. A+ for the aimbot.
  • Bought through the website with Paypal. Seller responded very quickly. I had problems setting up the initial configuration - emailed the seller and he quickly responded with help. Aimbot is perfect - it looks very humanistic as long as you use the Normal mode. Pretty much undetectable to the naked eye. So far I've found that it works best on Soldier. Just don't go crazy on the settings and sometimes you forget yourself that you're using an aimbot! Of course you could go harder on the settings, but personally I prefer lower settings and it works just like a slight aim assist which is great. No FPS drops, no jittery screens and it feels just like playing the game normally. Would def recommend this aimbot. Thanks!