Orisa now available in competitive!

Orisa has been officially activated for competitive play on all regions.  Be sure to pick up your copy of Xaim today as it works very, very well with Orisa.  Her projectiles have a slight delay but using our advanced offset system you will be able to aim near perfectly with her.  And if you ever catch someone standing still even for a second?  They are dead!

Note: Offsets only available for Pro or Lifetime versions of Xaim.

Orisa patch coming soon!

With the new Orisa patch coming to Overwatch soon, we are getting many questions about whether Xaim will still work.  The answer is: Yes!  Xaim is a strong and secure external aimbot that will continue to work through all Overwatch patches.  You will not even have to miss one second of dominating your opponents with perfectly smooth, humanized aim.  We’re also always looking to add new features to Xaim, currently on the list is healing and triggerbot as well as support for more OS and resolutions.  All subscribers will always have access to our latest version of Xaim.

Update on Xaim Overwatch aimbot features

We are constantly improving and making Xaim one of the best Overwatch hacks available in the world.  Here is a list of updates we added in recently to make this the best aimbot:

-Improved security features to beat Blizzard’s server-sided detections

-Improved long range aiming (headshots in Basic and custom offsets in Pro/Lifetime)

-Improved Offsets to aim more accurately at where you want

-Fixed some compatibility issues with certain anti-virus

-Fixed some compatibility issues with Windows 7 and certain video card drivers

-Full customization of aimbot profiles added for Pro/Lifetime


If you don’t have Xaim yet, be sure to grab a copy as I strongly believe it is the most secure and powerful Overwatch aimbot available to the public.  We also now offer discounted upgrades so users of Basic can upgrade to Pro or Lifetime within 24 hours and receive their 30 dollars discounted.

Xaim – the best Overwatch hacks!

We are now the best reviewed of all Overwatch hacks on the Ownedcore Overwatch hacks forum.  We’re happy to continue providing all our customers with the most secure and powerful Overwatch aimbot available.  You won’t find another Overwatch aimbot with smoother, more human-like aim than Xaim.  Dominante your opponents and skyrocket in ranks by using Xaim.  Good luck and have fun everyone!