Xaim Video Competition

Hi! We are trying to make a promo video, and we need your help. Current Xaim subscribers can share your best gameplay Montage Moments with us and win great prizes!

Event Period
April 25, 2017 to May 10, 2017

1. No kill feed. (Settings > Gameplay > Kill Feed Display OFF)
2. Hide chat. (Defult key to hide chat is SHIFT+CTRL+C)
4. Display performance stats OFF. (Settings > Video > Display Performance Stats OFF)
3. Video must be in 1080p or 720p 60fps.
4. Must be using Xaim Aimbot or Flick Bot.
5. Upload it to Youtube or Vimeo, and send the video link to support.
6. keep each clip between 10-20 seconds.
7. You can send in multiple clips, and you can win multiple prizes.
8. Gmeplay has to be in either quick play or ranked.
9. No editing, no overplay, no music.

1st – One copy of lifetime version license (Includes updates and support.)
2nd – Two copies of Pro Version 30 days licenses (Includes updates and support.)
3rd – Three Copies of Basic version 30 days licenses (Includes updates and support.)
Any other clips that made into our video – 15 days Basic version license (Includes updates and support.)

Submitting your clip(s)
Send an email to support@overwatchxaim.com with the following format:
Email title/subject: Gamplay Share
Email body/content:
Your order ID:
Your PayPal Email:
Video link(1):
Video link(2):

we will pick the winners on May 11, 2017, and send you an email if you win.


Xaim 2.6 is now live! Huge update with new features

Hi everyone, Xaim here again.

Xaim 2.6 is now live and undetected.  It also comes loaded with new features.

I’ve added a flick shot bot which is a combined aim and trigger bot.  It will locate enemies and aim right at their head and shoot, all with one button.

There is also a heal bot in there now which is similar to the flick shot bot but works targets your own allies.  Works great with Ana.

I’ve made general improvements to the performance of the bot and it is now easier to setup as well, just find a good aim speed and hotkeys and you are good to go.

Check out the videos on the front page to see the new features in action.

Xaim 2.0 is now LIVE!

I am proud to announce that Xaim 2.0, the best Overwatch aimbot, is now live!  I have added a bunch of new features as well as improved aiming and additional security against bans.

-increased security against detections and bans

-new settings to distinguish between close range combat and far range combat

-different randomized offsets for close range combat and far range combat

-new sticky feature to adjust how sticky you want the mouse to aim toward the enemy

-improved humanization to avoid player reports

-improved performance on speed and accuracy

-quick profile switching improved

-lower resolution support! Now works on 1280×720 and 1920×1080

Xaim 2.0 is now the safest and most secure external bot available!

Previous subscribes please email support for the update.