Overwatch aimbot

Latest version of Xaim Overwatch aimbot

Hi everyone,

This is just a short post to let you know that our Overwatch hack, Xaim, now has full support for long range mode.

It now aims perfectly at long ranges just as the old version did at short to mid-range.

We’re constantly updating features daily and improving Xaim to make it the most powerful and secure Overwatch aimbot on the market.

You can buy Xaim starting at 30 dollars for the basic version of the Overwatch aimbot or 60 dollars for the pro version.

The pro version of the aimbot comes with additional profiles, customizable options, and security.

Check out our purchase page for full descriptions and differences of the different versions of Xaim, the most powerful and secure Overwatch aimbot.

Latest updates for Xaim Overwatch aimbot

Here are the latest updates we have made to Xaim Overwatch aimbot.  We are always trying to improve this Overwatch hack by adding new functionality and security features.

-Added support for customization for Basic version

-Custom profile support for all versions (2 basic, 5 pro, 12 lifetime)

-Pre-made settings for all your favorite Overwatch characters (McCree, Zarya, Widowmaker, Soldier 72, Tracer and more)

-Improved humanization

Here are somethings to look forward to in future releases of Xaim Overwatch aimbot.

-Healing support (Mercy, Ana)